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Laura and Eva are extremely professional and dedicated to your family’s peaceful and successful transition. I have been lucky enough to learn firsthand how they work through difficult situations and always, always keep everyone focused on the important goal of creating a safe, healthy and happy environment for all parties involved, especially if there are children in the scenario. Considering the extensive experience and knowledge that both Eva and Laura possess in dealing with family law, you couldn’t hope for a better team to ease everyone through what can be a very difficult time.
Laura sets herself apart because she truly puts the needs of others, first. She is not only empathetic, caring and generous; she is also smart and constructive in her professional advice. With Laura at the helm, one can trust that FMG will offer reliable expertise in the area of family mediation.
-Sharon Jantz
As we know family matters can be painful and stressful. Sadly for me I needed help with understanding, creating and establishing a detailed Separation Agreement that could accommodate some very sensitive issues. Eva provided me with professional, prompt and honest services done with compassion, understanding and patience. I think Eva’s extensive experience in family law allows her to think outside the box and she is strategic in her ability to work things out so all parties are heard and respected, all for the best interest of the children. She is a critical thinker and really good at what she does. Eva provided me with understandable legal advice and made herself available to support me during the rough times. Eva listened to the needs of my family and I will be forever grateful!!
-Tara Y
With knowledge, experience and empathy the FMG deal with mediation the right way. Their team is able to work towards resolving issues, and formulating a plan that suits all parties moving forward. I would definitely recommend this team to all those unfortunate souls dealing with divorce.
-Mike Biggs
Laura is knowledgeable and committed to helping couples through difficult times. She manages to do so while minimizing the emotional toll by engaging both parties together rather than antagonizing the other party, which is often done by lawyers to help their own interest, and at a fraction of the cost. I would highly recommend talking to Laura before deciding to talk to a run of the mill divorce lawyer.
-Lex Van Arem
Eva was instrumental in helping me and my ex-husband resolve our custody issues. She has a great ability to calm emotions and find common ground. When I met with Eva she prioritized the health and well-being of my family unit above everything else. I would highly recommend Eva to anyone going through highly emotional divorce/separation issues, especially those who have to co-parent post divorce.
-Rita M.
Family Mediation Group is a fair and compassionate organization. They bring the highest level of expertise to each and every client. So cost effective.
-Patricia Ulbright
I was very worried that my ex would be able to manipulate the process. Laura and Eva have literally seen it all and I realized early on that there was no way they were going to be played which was a huge relief. In the end the whole process was difficult at times but totally worth it. We got everything done in only three sessions.
-Anthony M.
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