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How Online Mediation Works

Facilitating Virtual Mediation Sessions

To facilitate online mediation, we use Zoom**, a user friendly video-conferencing platform. To engage via zoom the parties would need to have:

To initiate the session we  email you a secure link in advance and you would click on it to start the session. Zoom does not require the installation of stand alone software. Instead, when you click the link  to start Zoom ask for your permission to temporary load a secure plugin (app)in your internet browser.

** There was concern that the Zoom video platform was not secure. That was true in a very specific circumstance that did not affect our sessions. We take privacy and security seriously and all clients require a unique password to enter a session and are then  held in a virtual “waiting room” until the mediator who is hosting allows them in. If you have any concerns or questions please contact us before your session.

Online Individual Intake Sessions

As these meetings are confidential, we respectfully ask that:

  1. you are in a private setting; and,
  2. there is no one else in the room with you.

Online Joint Sessions

Some couples are fine with being in the same room, but you don’t have to be and you can connect from wherever is convenient and comfortable for you. Similar to the intake meetings, we respectfully ask that you ensure your surroundings are private and there are no other people in the room or within earshot if possible.

In addition, there will not no recordings of these meetings permitted.

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