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Family Mediation Services

We know that separation is not just about dividing assets. It’s about children and shared history, and trying to find a way to move forward. Our mediation services are designed to help you build a sustainable agreement both former partners can live with, helping you save time & money.

Focused On Devising Workable Solutions for Your Family

Our services are tailored to help your family arrive at a sustainable path forward on these issues:

Separation Agreement

We'll work with you to craft a sustainable separation agreement that both parties can sign off on and abide by.

Property Division

We'll provide information and help you ensure all the family property is divided in a way that you both feel comfortable with.

Parenting Plan

We'll help you agree on co-parenting terms that best suit your children and their best interests.

Child & Spousal Support

We'll help you navigate the child and spousal support discussions. So you and your children can thrive post separation.

Tailored for Your Needs

Transparent Pricing

When mediating with us, you’ll never incur any unexpected costs. We’ll give you a good understanding of what cost to expect before we start the mediation process. Overall, you can expect to pay a fraction of what litigation would cost you.

Online Mediation

We know that life is busy and separation discussions can be uncomfortable. For your comfort and convenience, we can conduct the mediation process via video calling if your prefer. It's a private and secure process.

Integrated Approach

We work closely with the following family professionals: parenting coordinators, arbitrators, divorce financial specialists, therapeutic supports. Please contact us for a referral to a trusted professional.

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How Our Mediation Process Works

Complimentary Consultation

To help you determine whether mediation is right for your family and to answer any questions you might have, we offer a free intial phone consultation.

Step one

Individual Intake

Before we meet with you together we meet with each of you individually for an intake session. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you both individually, to learn what your unique concerns are and to uncover any underlying issues that may present challenges in the mediation.

Step TWO

Mediation Sessions

The number of hours or sessions in a mediation will be unique for every situation. It may be a simple 2 hour session to review the issues that you have agreed upon. It may be several sessions to resolve more complex financial and/or emotionally charged issues. It always depends on the willingness of the parties to settle, including their cooperation with one another and of course the issues involved. This said, the more issues you agree on, the quicker the process!

Step THree

Separation Agreement & Review

After you and your former spouse have agreed on all the issues, we prepare your separation agreement and we will meet with you again, together, to review the terms of your separation agreement.

"When I went through my divorce I was honestly so scared and didn't know what to expect. Family Mediation Group provided me and my family with so much support. Thank you Eva and Laura for helping us navigate such a difficult and emotional time and get out on the other side in one piece!"
~Laurie A.
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