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How much does mediation cost?

Transparent fees. No hidden costs. You've got this.

What can you expect to pay for family mediation?

Every relationship and every mediation is unique so there is no one-size fits all fee or estimate that can be applied to our mediation process. We review each case and determine who the best team is for you. We will always provide you with the proper expertise to bring you to a fair, equitable and compassionate agreement. And, of course, we are committed to bringing you the most cost and time effective mediation that your unique set of circumstances presents.

The following fees can be anticipated for your unique circumstances and mediation. Please note that these fees do not include HST.

If you agree on mostly everything

If you haven't yet agreed on everything but it's mostly amicable and not too complicated

If you haven't agreed on everything (or anything) and it's getting complicated or adversarial

These estimates are just that, estimates of the time and money involved. We charge on a hourly basis for your mediation and will always keep you apprised of the time spent. There are no extra or hidden fees included in your mediation and we don’t charge for emails or phone calls.

Who pays for mediation?

The cost of co-mediation* is shared by both of you. If you chose to handle your divorce, separation or the restructuring of your relationship in the more traditional adversarial (legal) manner you could not only expect to pay more than 5 times what you would pay co-mediators BUT you would each be responsible for paying your own lawyer – not to mention the time and emotional expense involved in traditional separations and divorces.

* co-mediation just means we provide a family lawyer at no cost to attend your mediation sessions to offer legal information onsite. This speeds up the process and save you money by eliminating the need to go ask a lawyer on your own (which you are still welcome to do).

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