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Good things happen when you mediate.

Mediation keeps you focused on positive outcomes for the longer term, especially where your children are concerned. It can help you find a middle ground with your ex, and a better, less antagonistic path forward for you and your family. Divorcing couples don't have to have a conflict or a dispute to engage in mediation.

Many families use meditation to:

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"My ex still makes me laugh."

"My daughter's RESP is maxed out."  

"I didn't let life get in the way of living."

"My divorce didn't turn into a horror story."

"We made sure our divorce was one less conflict our son experiences in his lifetime.  "

"We rebuilt trust."

"I can watch my kids grow, not my anger towards my ex."

"My ex is the best mom. "

"My ex and I work as a team so Eva gets to enjoy the childhood she deserves."  

"Divorce sucks. Ours didn't! "

"My ex is the best mom. "

"My ex in-laws help me with pick-ups and launches."

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