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How to Prepare for Family Mediation: Part 1

Litigation Help

Episode summary

Family Mediation Group teamed up with Litigation Help to create this How to Prepare for Family mediation series. Laura Tarcea and Litigation Help's Heather Hui-Litwin walk you through the mediation process in Ontario. This first video walks you through what legal documents you'll need in Ontario, and discusses what to do when there are concerns of fear and manipulation.

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Contributing Authors

Laura Tarcea

Laura is a family mediator dedicated to supporting families through divorce or separation. With a background in Mental Health, Research, Program Development, and a Master of Laws in Dispute Resolution, Laura brings valuable insight and critical knowledge to parents. She strongly believes that a healthy co-parenting relationship will protect children from short-term and long-term damage. As such, Laura is a supporter of out-of-court processes to help equip parents with appropriate tools to succeed in their next chapter.

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Litigation Help

Litigation Help is a podcast and website dedicated to addressing the public’s gap in legal knowledge. It aims to help Canadians better understand the legal system so that they can engage with it more efficiently. Litigation Help was created by Heather Hui-Litwin, who has been both a self-represented litigant, as well as a traditional client in a lawsuit before becoming a lawyer.

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