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Yes! You Can Finish Your Divorce in Only a Few Hours

Love, Divorce & Everything in Between

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Yes it sounds like click-bait but the fact of the matter is it is true. Laura and Eva have many clients who wrap up their divorce in just a few hours. The key is preparation. Whatch the video to learn about how to prepare and in doing so save time and money.

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Contributing Authors

Laura Tarcea

Laura is a family mediator dedicated to supporting families through divorce or separation. With a background in Mental Health, Research, Program Development, and a Master of Laws in Dispute Resolution, Laura brings valuable insight and critical knowledge to parents. She strongly believes that a healthy co-parenting relationship will protect children from short-term and long-term damage. As such, Laura is a supporter of out-of-court processes to help equip parents with appropriate tools to succeed in their next chapter.

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Eva DiGiammarino

Eva is a family lawyer dedicated to helping families separate in an amicable, affordable and child-focused way. Eva graduated from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law. For many years prior to law school Eva worked as Sexual Assault Counsellor. With this experience, Eva gained the special skills necessary to work with clients who have experienced physical and emotional trauma. Eva has extensive experience representing vulnerable individuals in Family Court, including individuals who suffered from mental health issues and survivors of domestic violence. Eva passionately believes in the power of mediation to heal emotional wounds and help parties resolve their legal disputes.

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